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Our History


PASAR was formally established in 1983 by the Philippine government as the first in the eleven industrial projects intended to pave the way for the country's industrialization.

During that year and the years afterwards, we were able to produce 138,000 metric tons of Grade A electrolytic copper cathodes annually. Nine years after that, we have expanded our smelter and refinery causing PASAR to produce 172,500 metric tons per year.

Then, in June 1999, Glencore International procured our company. The acquisition was carried out as part of the country's privatization program which made PASAR into a privately-owned corporation.

Because of this change in the management, we were able to have an additional oxygen plant (2006), register our ISA-type cathodes with a brand name of PSR Isabel in the London Metal Exchange in 2008, have an additional VPSA (Variable Pressure Swing Absorber) plant (2012) and expand our smelter in 2015. 

Currently, we are expanding the annual production rate of our cathode to over 200, 000 metric tons per year.

Insights and Stories

Not Your Ordinary Millwright: PASAR’s Female Millwright shares her success story

Operating heavy machinery and working with men in a copper smelter and refinery plant might not be every girl’s dream but for Ella Marie Ruta, it is a dream come true.

Health and Safety: PASAR's Main Responsibility

The main asset of the Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining (PASAR) Corporation is their people and because of this, they are placing their health and safety above all else.

Jumpstart your Career in PASAR!

Work with PASAR, the biggest employer in the municipality of Isabel, and enjoy a great place to work and to live!

Upskilling: Key for Efficient and Empowered PASAR Workforce

The pride of the  Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining (PASAR) Corporation is their people as they are the main driver of the company's success.