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What We Do

We process copper concentrates sourced globally. Our plant has the ability to process wide range of copper concentrates making us a significant link in the copper industry all over the world.



Our Smelting Plant produces copper anode that contains 99.5% copper. Either for use as commercial anodes or is transferred into the refinery plant for further processing known as electrolytic refining.



Our Refinery Plant produces full-grown cathode with 99.99% copper purity. Our product is used in application ranging from building constructions and industrial equipment to transportation, electronics and other high-tech products. This is also used in manufacturing various kinds of electric cables, telecommunication wires, copper shapes and copper-alloy products.



Our main products are the electrolytic copper cathode and the refined copper anode. Our electrolytic copper cathode is now branded as PSR Isabel that has 99.99% purity.

This brand has meet international standards and have been approved by non-ferrous metals market. It is registered as a Grade A copper in London Metal Exchange (LME) and Shanghai Futures Exchange.


Refined Copper Anode

PASAR operation allows for extra capacity in the production of anodes that is higher than the refinery requirement. We carefully produce our copper anodes to meet the requirements of the refinery and for commercial purposes. These anodes have 99.5% copper content.



Other than our main product we also produce by-products. These include sulfuric acid which acts as an ingredient for the manufacture of chemical feltilizer; and selenium powder that is used for textile, glass and photocopying industries.



Selenium Powder

We also produce selenium powder (99.5%) which is a by-product of our doré metal plant. It is used in a variety of ways that includes the manufacturing of electrical equipment, coloring element or pigment, an alloy element for other metals can be used as an additive in the treatment of certain diseases. 


Sulfuric Acid

We also produce sulfuric acid that is being used to manufacture fertilizers, a raw material in the production of other industrial chemicals such as titanium dioxide and hydrogen flouride. It is also an important input in the mining, oil refining, pulp and paper and steel industries.



Insights and Stories

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