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Health and Safety: PASAR's Main Responsibility

Friday, November 8, 2019

The main asset of the Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining (PASAR) Company is our people and because of this, we are placing their health and safety above all else. 

For almost 40 years of operation and with a growing number of 1, 400 employees, we are one of the leaders in processing and exporting in the country.

They are also the reason why the PASAR plant operates 24/7 exporting over 200, 000 metric tons of Grade A copper cathode and other high-quality precious metal by-products per year to different countries all over the world.

Thus, our people, which is the main asset of PASAR, is the main driver of our company’s success.

Our employees are the pride of PASAR and we can’t be who we are right now without them. Because of this, our company ensures that the health and safety of our people is always at its best.

The health of our employees is really important to us because the fitter and healthier they are, the more suitable they are in our working environment. 

Most workers in PASAR are in the plant all the time, this is why we follow the Glencore protocol on health standard. 

Moreover, we have a full industrial hygiene team in our hospital who monitors health risks. We go inside the plant and test our employees for exposures to dust and heavy metals. We also check our employees who do a lot of hammering or uses vibration tools. Lastly, we make sure that when going inside the site, our employees are always on their best and not under the influence of drugs through our random drug testing. 

When it comes to ensuring safety, if it is unsafe to work or if operations are deemed to be risky, we strongly advise our people to stop working. 

We have also followed another Glencore initiative which is the SafeWork. It has four elements which are the 12 Fatal Hazard Protocols, 9 Life-Saving Behaviors, Supporting Tools and Empowering First-Line Supervisors. 

In order to really ensure that our people’s safety will always be a top priority, we have a lot of safety signs all around the plant following the Fatal Hazard Protocols and Life-Saving Behaviors. We also train our employees on this matter and we empower first-line supervisors to manage the safety of the people under their team.

In terms of the 12 Fatal Hazard Protocols, we always encourage our employees to be vigilant on everything they do as to not cause very serious injury or fatality.

For the Life-Saving Behaviors, we highly urge our employees not to come into the workplace under the influence of alcohol. We now have mandatory alcohol testing for all operators, crane operators, mobile equipment operators, bus drivers and all the other drivers who carry PASAR personnel. 

Our company works on what we call hierarchy of control when it comes to safety issues. The least thing that we do to prevent this is by urging our employees on wearing their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Then, if a problem occurs during a procedure, we examine and change what needs to be changed. Third, we engineer the program out. Lastly, we eliminate the problem.

We handle this through instant reporting and lots of inspections. Together with the first-line supervisors, we do two walkarounds per week to check the compatibility of our people’s PPEs and whether they have the appropriate health equipment everytime.

We make sure that if there’s a health or safety risk, an action should really be made. We track all the actions undertaken and ensure that it is completed. This is for the reason that when if it is not fixed directly, it could harm other employees later on. Thus, we want everything on our plant to be really safe for our people.

By doing all of these precautionary measures, we are making a great place for our employees to work. 

Thereby, they will be with us in attaining our goal of being the benchmark in smelting and refining!

Hence, if you want to work in a healthy workplace and help us achieve this goal, you can directly visit our job vacancies page!

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