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Jumpstart your Career in PASAR!

Friday, November 8, 2019

The  Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining (PASAR) Company is the biggest employer in the municipality of Isabel. 

We are the only smelting and refining company in the Philippines, the first and the biggest asset of Glencore in SouthEast Asia. 

We also operate using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment in producing over 200, 000 metric tons of Grade A copper cathode and other high-quality precious metal by-products annually and export them to different countries all over the globe.

Moreover, PASAR aims to be a responsible corporate citizen of the country. We maintain a high standard of compliance in terms of environment protection, safety practices and community relations. 

For this reason, we have been committed in preventing pollution and reducing the impact of our company’s operations to the environment.

We are also supporting Isabela and the whole province of Leyte through our activities that involve the community.

However, we cannot achieve all of these without the help of our 1, 400 strong workforce whose works gave us the name to be one of the leaders in processing and exporting in the country.

For almost 40 years of our operation, these people have been with us in achieving the goal of becoming the benchmark in smelting and refining.

Most of these people are from the province of Leyte. Some of them have been working with us since 1983 and even their second generation family members are part of the current headcount.

We recognize that our people are the greatest asset of our company and because of this, we always prioritize their health, safety and development above all else.

We have both health and safety standards that are always followed. Because we are a Glencore-managed company, we have followed their initiative on health and safety which is the SafeWork. We have placed signs about the 12 Fatal Hazard Protocols and 9 Life-Saving Behaviors inside the plant that set as a reminder to every working personnel. We do all of these to ensure that our employees will not encounter injuries inside the PASAR plant.

We also develop the skills and talents of our people and encourage the exchange of ideas.

We strongly invest in the development of our employees’ capability. This is why we always have trainings for them on leadership and culture, safety, operations and maintenance which they can use on their line of work.

Moreover, because one of the PASAR values is collaboration, we always work in teams across departments and we motivate each departments to collaborate and exchange ideas for the benefit of the company and its people.

Other than becoming a safe and healthy workplace, PASAR also provides a great place for our main asset to live.

This is why we have a community inside the Leyte Industrial Development Estate where our plant is located. As of this moment, we have 200 housing facilities for our regular employees whether they are married or single. Inside this little community, we have already provided our people with a mini grocery store, cafe, gym, school, chapel, library, hospital, guesthouse, clubhouse with swimming pool and various sports facilities. 

With all of these, PASAR offers a great place for their people to work and to live.

So, if you want to work with the only smelting and refining company in the Philippines, kindly visit our job vacancies page. 

With your help, we will achieve our goal of becoming the benchmark in smelting and refining!

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Jumpstart your Career in PASAR!

Work with PASAR, the biggest employer in the municipality of Isabel, and enjoy a great place to work and to live!

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