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Our Values


We care about the
well-being of our people,
community, and
environment, placing
safety above all else


improvement is the
foundation of
PASAR's resillience



We take pride in our work,
exceed expectations, and
celebrate success


We focus on quality
in all we do



We earn respect, we thrive
on sincere feedback and
we embrace accountability


We work in teams
across departments for
the benefit of all


Health and Safety

The safety of our people is our priority. Due to the complexity, our operations and vastness of the area, we are vigilant on identifying and managing risks that our people are exposed to. We believe that all accidents can be avoided and that Safety is everyone's responsibility. We invest in the selection, training and development of our people so that they have the right skills and knowledge they need to perform their job safely.

We subject ourselves to periodic rigorous internal and external audits to ensure our systems and processes are continuously improving and at par with international standards.

The Health and overall wellbeing of our employees is equally as important for us. We provide our employees' competitive health assistance programs to ensure they well taken care of and fit for work.



As part of our corporate social responsibility, we aim to protect and improve the environment around our plant. We uphold and comply with the Philippine Environmental Regulatory requirements. We make sure that our company controls our environmental impact by working through modern technology and engineering, by using facilities, treatment plants, equipment and various monitoring systems.


Employee Development

Our employees' direct participation and involvement help our business achieve its strategies. We strongly invest in our workers' capability develpment. We invest heavily in the selection, training and development of our people to ensure they have the skills they need to fulfill their basic duties, identify hazards and take appropriate action to control these in their workplaces.

Under our employee development programs, we offer various training opprtunities to our employees in regard to safety, operations and maintenance, leadership and culture. We also provide apprenticeship and summer programs for people who want to work in our company and master and graduate programs for our employees.


Community Support

As part of our company's values, we aim to support the community in Isabel and its neighbouring towns. With our 1,400 strong workforce, our company has been an instrument in the rapid development in Leyte. We will continue giving regular medical outreach program and sponsoring various activities that would empower the community.

In line with this commitment, PASAR Foundation, Inc. to encourage the youth to help the community and themselves by providing quality education on skills and leadership.

We aim to raise more funds in the future to support the community in Isabel and other municipalities in Leyte.


PASAR Foundation

A viable and leading social development arm of PASAR that aims to empower the youth by providing quality education, skills and leadership development through enterprise and community development.

Learn more about PASAR Foundation

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