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Health and Safety


Here in PASAR, we ensure that the health and safety of our people is always at its best. 

In terms of health, we always make sure that our employees are always fit because the fitter they are, the healthier they are. Thus, they are more suitable in our working environment. 

Our approach on this matter involves monitoring, using appropriate equipment and minimizing the harmful exposure.

We always want the best equipment for our people. As part of our two walkaround per week, we make sure that their face masks and other health equipments are fit and that they have the appropriate equipment every time.

We also have a 24 hour hospital for our employees and their families. They can always come to the hospital when they need to.

Because we also want to minimize our employees exposure to harmful substances in our plant, we do have an industrial hygiene team that goes outside and test our employee’s exposure to dust, vibration, and heavy metals like copper and arsenic. 

Moreover, because the nature of our industry really does involve operational hazards and risks, we always ensure that safety is our top priority. Thus, if it’s unsafe, stop working.

Because we are a Glencore-managed company, we also follow its SafeWork Initiative. Through this, we aim to eliminate fatalities and injuries in our company.

SafeWork has four elements and these are the 12 Fatal Hazard Protocols, 9 Life-Saving Behaviors, Supporting Tools and Empowering First-Line Supervisors. 

By ensuring that we are making our people’s safety a top priority, we have a lot of safety signs inside our plant following the Fatal Hazard Protocols and Life-Saving Behaviors, we train our employees, and we empower first-line supervisors to manage the safety of our people.

For this, we also have a hierarchy of control. The least thing that we can do in ensuring our people’s safety is making sure that they always wear their Personal Protective Equipment. Then, if a problem occur during a procedure, we change it. Third, we engineer the program out. Lastly, we eliminate the problem. 

By ensuring the health and safety,  we help support our main asset on their safety and well-being and in return we are also making sure that PASAR is a healthy workplace.

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