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Employee Development


Here in PASAR, our main asset is our people and this is the reason why we strongly invest in their capability development.

We are not just giving our people the necessary skills, we are also changing the culture, mindset and their core values.

We are training our employees on the skills needed in accomplishing their job and at the same time, we are also preparing them on the new business challenges and realities. 

We also ensure that our people are capable and that they are competent on their current line of work. We want employees to maintain and improve their competency.

Under our employee development programs, we train our employees on leadership and culture, safety, operations and maintenance. We make sure that our employees are able to be in these programs and use these on their work assignments. 

Our trainings are all hands-on activities and all of these are applicable on their jobs. We provide simulation on how to operate machineries. We also go inside the plant for actual application. 

Other than the training, we also provide apprenticeship and summer programs for people who want to work in our company and masters and graduate programs for our employees.

Insights and Stories

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