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Why choose Pasar


Welcome to PASAR… the only smelting and refining company in the Philippines and the biggest asset of Glencore in SouthEast Asia. 

Our company was first established by the Philippine government and we are now a Glencore-managed company after the country’s privatization program in 1999. 

With our annual production of over 200, 000 metric tons, we are able to export our products to some companies in the Philippines and in 17 countries worldwide. 

Moreover, because our operation affects the community and the environment, we are continuously using the necessary equipment in controlling and reducing our impact. 

With the help of our main asset, we will continue to help the community in Isabel and neighboring municipalities in Leyte. 

Because of these efforts, we are continuously recognized on our efforts in sustaining our corporate social responsibility. 

However, we cannot do all of these without the help of our main asset… our people who have been with us all throughout this journey. 

For this reason, we will continue to ensure that the health, safety, and improvement of our employees will always be on top of our minds. 

Currently, PASAR has 1, 400 strong workforce. They are the key ingredients of the success of PASAR. Without them, we will not be operating 24/7 to give high-quality products across the world. 

So, if you are interested in working with us, just visit our job vacancies page to check the career that is perfect for you.

Once again welcome to PASAR and we hope that you will join us on our journey on becoming the benchmark in smelting and refining!

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